Sitting in class all day sometimes I would wonder how I could bring my faith into class.  I watched a few students try (and usually fail) to browbeat the other students into going to church.  Now that I am a teacher I can see several ways students can bring Jesus into class and make the world a better place.

1) Volunteer.  When the teacher asks for someone to do something be a willing helper.  It sets a good example for the other students.

2) Bring food for everyone.  A plate of cookies or cupcakes can make the other students’ days better.

3) Don’t be angry or argumentative.  Don’t try to convince your professor with clever arguments.  Love is the best witness.

4) Don’t try to be perfect.  You aren’t.  If you make a mistake, laugh. grin, and discuss.

5) Answer questions about your faith honestly and openly.  Don’t hide your faith.

6) If someone makes fun of your faith. Smile and say to the student “Are you really making fun of my faith?”  Don’t get defensive.  Stay relaxed and calm.

7) Love your classmates, students, and teachers.  Pray for them when you get bored in class.

8) Thank the teacher for the class when the class is done for the year or semester.

Bonus:  If you have done all this you may have a hurting person come to you with questions.  Be gentle.  Don’t pretend you know all the answers.  Just be loving and show the person that there is grace.

8 Ways to be a Christian Student

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