For the most part this webpage is going to cover faith building, uplifting, and happy stories.   We still are working on opening.

However today I ran across this crazy thing.

According to several new sources, San Diego Christian College had a young unmarried couple who worked for them.  They got pregnant.  There are a number of ways the college could have handled this.  Unfortunately the college chose to fire her, and tell her it was because she had premarital sex.  Then they offered her boyfriend a job.

The message this sends is that it is ok for a man to have premarital sex but not a woman.

Here are some better ways they could have handled it:

1) The college could have fired her and not tried to hire him.  That would have been harsh, and not loving.  However it at least would have been fair.

2) The college could have put her on administrative leave, and said, “We love you but we need everyone here to set a good example for the students.  We preach abstinence at them.  Don’t worry your job will be here after you have the baby.  Now what would be a good time for us to throw you a baby shower?”  This answer is not without moral problems but at least it tries to act with love towards everyone.

3) The college could have changed her job to being out of the students path for a few months.  The woman worked in financial aid.  They could even have kept her in the same department and just kept her in the back.  Also, reassured her she was loved and thrown her a baby shower.

4) Done nothing.  Sometimes the simplest answer is the best.  Yes this woman had premarital sex.  Now her life is going to be harder.  If she had waited until after marriage, her life would have been easier and better.  Isn’t this the best thing to teach the students anyway?

5) Done nothing except thrown her a baby shower.  This would be my choice.  The young couple is already going to experience the consequences of their actions.  Why should any of us feel the need to punish them further.  Why make it worse?  I seriously doubt any students are going to say….  “My financial aid counselor had premarital sex and is having a baby.  This is why I am going to have sex too!”  If you play you cards right maybe you could get her to talk to some students in a few years about why it is important to wait and how it made her life harder.



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